Introduction : Geoff Haberecht

Retail Consultant for Tru Hi-Fi

My first recollection of a true hifi sale was in 1969 and selling a set of KEF Concerto speakers for $440 a pair. When we set them up with his home made valve amplifier and Thorens turntable I immediately became addicted to a HiFi sound. It is this experience I have carried through the forty plus years of involvement in the Hifi and Home Theatre industry.

Haberechtís in Albury was quite progressive at the time. We opened one of the first Hi Fi showrooms in regional Australia in 1973, incorporating unusual sounding brands like Sonab, Bose, Pioneer, Sony, Wharfdale, KEF, AKAI, Kenwood and Sansui. Haberechtís remained one of Australiaís leading HiFi retailers until 2009.

During my time as Haberechtís we worked with almost all of the industry brands including Yamaha, Denon, Marantz and Onkyo providing a AV hub for the Albury and Wodonga District.

When the Haberechtís business retired I was offered a role to become the retail coordinator of the Australian Audio and Visual Industry Association (Star AV). This experience allowed me to travel to over 100 specialist retailers around Australia and liase with almost all of the AV wholesale industry.

Instead of returning to retirement after my contract concluded, the opportunity arose to provide hifi and home theatre goods and services specifically for the regional markets of NSW, ACT and Victoria arose based centrally based in Albury - Wodonga. This allows me to impart the latest audio trends personally to the customer, plus my audio connections provide outcomes more beneficial to the regional market.

Today I am developing a web site to provide as many tools for our customers as possible,(a long work in progress) plus our four demonstration rooms of specifically handpicked products that represent the best value for money our industry has to give.

I look forward to meeting the new customers and reacquainting with past customers please sign on for our news letters and be first to receive the latest offers.

Geoff Haberecht