The Wireless HiFi System - Stream all the music on earth in every room. Sonos has today revolutionized multiple room home music entertainment, like Bose in the 1980s Sonos has become a household word in the audio market.

Imagine a quality sound in every room absolute control with a minimal investment. Not only this, the free iPhone, iPad and Android App to control the system, the free internet radio services and subscription music services, Tru HiFi enjoys a customer satisfaction rate unlike any other product we sell. Check out these videos and then check out Tru HiFi we carry all the lines.


Sonos Profile

In 2002, Sonos set out with a goal to reinvent home audio for the digital age. The vision was simple - fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again. Sonos makes it easy for everybody to listen to the music they love in every room of their home. To hear the songs they love, to discover new music they never knew existed, and to appreciate it all with the highest sound quality.

Sonos is doing it all over the world In more than 60 countries, in seven languages through thousands of retailers. By constantly looking for ways to improve the experience with new products, new software and continually investing in ways to provide their customers the best experience possible, Sonos is doing exactly what they set out to do. Changing the way people listen to music one home at a time.

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Sonos produces some of the best videos in the business. Tru HiFi encourages you to view the videos, Sonos delivers more than just hype. Sonos on Youtube

Tru Hifi believes Sonos help is one of the best help sites available. A Sonos benefit is the ability to discover, understand and maximize the Sonos System with the least amount of fuss. [Visit Sonos Support Site]