Screen Technics


Tru HiFi provides the full Home Cinema story, Screen Technics is an important partner for our clients looking for a genuine experience. Screen Technics provide all the accessories, from lifters, electronic curtains and more, at every imaginable screen standard and price.

screentechnicsFor specific information on the Screen Technics product range see the web page http://www.screentechnics.com.au/screen-technics-products.php

Screen Technics has a true manufacturing facility at Moss Vale NSW. I visited this complex recently and was surprised at the size of the organisation. An informative interview with Screen Technics at Sydney's CEDIA Show 2011 is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNAkzoWpasM  - Geoff Haberecht

Screen Technics Profile

For nearly 20 years Screen Technics has been the projection screen standard by which the industry has measured itself in the Australian marketplace.
From small beginnings, we now are the largest manufacturer of projection screens in the country, bar none, and have a staff of over 50 people looking after the wants and needs of the Australian/New Zealand Audiovisual Industry, plus exporting to many countries around the world.

With a screen range of over 30 different models, available in over 500 distinct sizes plus the ability to manufacture custom solutions to suit why would you go anywhere else for a projection screen?

Our in-house sales team have extensive screen knowledge and highly regarded customer service levels, where they will endeavour to provide solutions for any AV environment you may encounter.

With over 95% of all Screen Technics products manufactured right here in Australia, not only do you get high quality hand built screens from people who have a vested interest in producing the very best, but we can continue to keep manufacturing alive in this country.