Tru Hifi has just appointed Richter to our range of speaker brands. Tru Hifi were without an Australian Speaker brand until now, this was not a reflection of quality as we Australia has many fine speaker companies....

richter-speakers but due to the Australian dollar making most of our import brands 20% cheaper. The good news was Richer have seen the light with price reductions on the Wizards and Dragons a $300 reduction on the Wizards and a $400 reduction on the Dragons. The Wizards recently 2011 Loud speaker of the year through AV Hubís Sound and Image awards for speakers under $4000. [Read More]

At $1699 they provide an audio value for money junction to the big sound small budget customer, Tru Hifi can ship Richter speakers almost anywhere in Australia at no charge.

Richter is run by two of the industry Stalwarts John Fahey who ran Yamaha for many years, and John Cornell of Audio Junction Newcastle and former President of the Star AV Hifi Association (now called the Australian Hifi Association) who I worked under as the retail store co-ordinator. Richter is the big mover for 2013. Richter is Australiaís most Awarded speaker brand with over 27 Hifi and Government Awards.