It was Alex Encel, the then importer of Loewe TV’s, who convinced me to introduce Loewe to Albury Wodonga. Since then Loewe’s elegance, standard of viewing excellence has become the inspirational TV of today.

Now some 20 years later Loewe is enjoying a new discovery, some through the television replacement most through the customer that is tired of electronic products produced cheaply for a changeable and disposable market. Loewe not only provides the air of elegance, a picture to die for they are of the old school. Loewe is environmentally conscientious, designed to last and still built in GERMANY. Loewe provides a full 5 year warranty. Tru HiFi is an authorised Television and Audio retailer for Loewe in Australia.  Geoff Haberecht.

Loewe Brand Profile

loewe-imageSince the first television broadcast in 1931, Loewe has been synonymous with home entertainment in absolute perfection. All courtesy of innovations for the senses – which allow Loewe to set new standards time and again.

Our latest innovations of particular note include: 3D film entertainment, effortless networking, time-shift television throughout the home network, and the opportunity to tailor TV systems to fully meet your personal requirements.

Television as we know it is celebrating its 80th birthday – and it was invented by Loewe. At the 8th Berlin Radio Show in 1931, “Radio AG D. S. Loewe” presented the first electronic film transmission in the world. And with this, eight years after they began in Berlin, the Loewe brothers set forth on a course from which the company would never deviate – and one which continues to characterise the brand today.

Since that time, Loewe has developed innovations for the senses, made in Germany. Loewe captivates with timelessly minimalist design which transcends all passing fashions. Loewe thus represents the most exclusive form of home entertainment imaginable – tailored to individual needs, right down to the last detail. Giving rise, time and again, to the picture perfect icon of an era.

Loewe Brand Update

loewe-mediaMade in Germany and available at Tru Hifi

Loewe has been incomplete in recent months in Tru HiFi’s view. Loewe has no peer when it comes to providing a high end entertainment system when all the components are available. Finally!

Tru Hifi is delighted to announce the release the release of the Media Vision. One Remote all media solution and with the Connect TV promotion we can provide a surround sound package, Television, and Installation for Under $10,000 installed within 300 km of Albury Wodonga.

View the Media Vision product video on Youtube

Winner of the Prestigious EISA Cinema System of the Year.

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