Linn make the best music systems for your home, including network music players, turntables, amplifiers, speakers and hi-fi components.

HIGH fidelity musical sound equipment needs to look into the past to take advantage of the future
Today, most have opted for convenience with a sacrifice to some audio quality along the way.

linn-turntableIn 1973, Scotsman Ivor Tiefbrun introduced a new form of suspension for the turntable, so that it was totally isolated from outside resonances.
This event began the high end hifi industry.
The Linn LP12 turntable was born and even nearly half a century later, it is still the benchmark for turntables.

With the declining popularity of the turntable and records, the demand for high end audio also suffered.
Linn followed with CD technology; however, CDs restriction to 16-bit technology provided a technical wall.

In 2009, Linn said goodbye to CD production to concentrate on music streaming and emerging technologies.

linn-kikoThe high investment level required and a very loyal global customer base around the world has allowed this niche privately owned company to excel.

Linn products are still handcrafted, designed and developed in Scotland.

In June, Linn Globally announced the affordable Kiko music streaming system, a compact high fidelity sound system which will influence the market for this and the next generation of music lovers.

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