Denon is one of those companies whether it is a Digital Cinema or Stereo HiFi, Denon will excel. Tru HiFi is the full Denon dealership for Albury Wodonga.


denon-headphonesdenon-airplayDenonís 2012 range has put the pressure on the other makers by providing Airplay and Internet radio from the AVR1912 models and above. Denon has been active in the reinvention of the tuner converting this model to internet, streaming and set up for subscription music.

Tru HiFi carries a majority of the Denon range, plus an instant virtual store with an overnight free delivery to the Albury Wodonga market. TRU HiFi is committed to matching or bettering most on line prices. Try us Tru HiFi as your best audio and visual connection.

Denon Profile

denon-avr-3312Every detail of a Denon product is crafted around these words with a single goal in mind: to enhance the entertainment experience.

Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a Denon product a Denon.

Through a disciplined approach to design and production, Denon engineers ensure that only superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance goes into every component.

Denon solutions are often born through passionately studying examples from the widest array of imaginable fields Ė including physics, electronics, mechanical engineering, art and nature.

The constant quest to create the perfect entertainment component has given Denon invaluable inspiration for not only the most powerful technical solutions but also the most convenient features to satisfy a diverse set of entertainment needs.

denon-wifiSimply put, anything that does not provide more passion, improve performance or enhance the experience does not belong in a Denon. When you actually experience a Denon product, itís these higher standards that elevate the senses and enhance your entertainment. Thatís the Denon Difference.

Denon products are proudly distributed by Tru HiFi Albury. For more information on the Denon range, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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