Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio
Cambridge Audio was one of the first brands invited to trade at Tru HiFi and the choice was an easy one. Cambridge Audio provides many products that make sense to a lot of customers that just want good performance they can use, but donít want to pay the earth.

cambridge-audio-small-bannerCambridge Audio is the saviour for many customers, providing just that, a combination of performance and value. More importantly the product will out last many of the plastic copy sound systems. Tru HiFi Albury Wodonga carries most models and matches or betters most online prices.

Cambridge Audio Profile

cambridge-audio-lifestyleCambridge Audio is one of Australiaís best established HiFi brands. Cambridge Audio has enjoyed the reputation for providing quality HiFi products without the high price tags.

Cambridge Audio won What Hifiís prestigious Product of the Year award in 2011. Click Here for a full review (opens in a new window)

Tru Hifi has a number of Cambridge Audio video clips on facebook (Visit our Facebook Page). Tru HiFi is Albury Wodongaís Authorised Retailer of Cambridge Audio products.

Cambridge Audio Profile

cambridge-audio2Cambridge Audio has a rich history of developing innovative home entertainment products designed to capture every last drop of detail from your favourite music and movies.

Every product bearing the Cambridge Audio name is created at their London research and development centre by a team of passionate, zealous and committed engineers who share a wealth of live music and sound production experience.

And whilst the way we enjoy home entertainment has changed dramatically over the years, neither time nor new technology can dampen the emotional power of a perfectly-reproduced song or favourite movie soundtrack.

Fuelled by your passion for music and movies, Cambridge Audio products are developed by people who get genuinely excited at the prospect of achieving the most captivating entertainment experience for the very best value possible.